Over the last 2 years, Rainbow Fashion Week (RFW) has attracted over 25,000 attendees and at it’s annual New York City event this June 17-24, 2016 it expects to draw even more!


Designer Jaguar Beckford has been successfully designing and selling her line of menswear style suits for women for a number of years. Says Beckford “Our aim is to reach just one person and change their lives, teach just one person how to wear clothing where they can stand out. Our further mission is to create a green campaign that can help reduce waste. So we are working on two products presently to Go Green and save our environment.” In 2013 Beckford decided to further her goals and give back on a large scale with the launch of Rainbow Fashion Week. Upon recognizing the incredible LGBTQ talent that exists in the fashion industry which was goes mostly unnoticed, Beckford felt the best way to give back to the community was through a week-long fashion event. “The creatives behind the scene are as much the talent as the designers and I wanted to give them the opportunity to show what they can do”.


Proclaimed by Mayor Bill DeBlasio as “An Official New York City Pre- Pride Fashion Event, the event showcases queer designers, photographers, models, make-up artist, stylist, merchants, and retail buyers. With no other annual events representing the LGBT community in a major fashion capital, this event is unique and much needed!

Each year RFW takes on a socially responsible theme and this year was no different. RFW is doing something truly revolutionary by hosting the very first carbon neutral fashion week! As someone who has attended many mainstream fashion shows, I am well aware of how wasteful our industry events can be! Beckford assured me that the June event will be something no one has ever seen before. The crew plan to lower energy usage by 30%. Recycling centers will be set up throughout the venues. There is even an initiative to turn the doggie waste from their Fashion Pet Event into compost (even the poop bags are made from cornhusk!). This reason alone is a great one to check out Rainbow Fashion Week, but of course there are so many more and with a tagline of All Are Welcome. We Are One Nation Under the Rainbow- RFW is committed to welcoming anyone and everyone interested in attending the event. Find out more about Rainbow Fashion Week at


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