Interview with Ari Fitz, Dinah Shore Youtube Influencer #fashionfriday

Why did you choose to take part in The Dinah Youtube influencers
​meet & greet
The Dinah will be the first stop of my VIBES TOUR, which is a project where a few friends and I are taking off around the world to explore genderless fashion and culture.
What better spot than a girls weekend in Palm Springs to kick things off.

How did your interest in YouTube come about?

Started making YouTube videos because I was on a reality show and wanted an opportunity to tell my own story. Soon, I fell in love with the ability to share my life and more importantly, how the way I dress changed my life through the TOMBOYISH project. After that it was history.
What are your Youtube videos about? Wh
​y are
 users drawn to your videos?
On my personal channel, I think people like that I’m incredibly raw. There’s very little I won’t share about my life and I’ll tell you direct like a friend would. There’s no pretense with my personal channel, just me hanging out and inviting you along the ride.
TOMBOYISH is a completely different thing. TOMBOYISH is a youtube channel and Instagram account that celebrates the “tomboy” in the many ways we chose to define it. It’s about gender bending, it’s about not giving a fuck, it’s about being unapologetically sexy. The videos on that channel are fashion films, style guides and all things fashion for the unapologetically sexy person who’s in touch (or wants to be) with their masculinity.

What are you most excited about experiencing at Dinah?

Super excited to see more of Palm Springs. I’ve visited Dinah before and it was a rapid trip. This time around i have more time to explore the city.
Also, thinks it’s going to be awesome to check out what everyone is wearing at Dinah.

Describe your personal style

My personal style changes rapidly.
I’ve always been a little rough around the edges, grunge and always had a passion for streetwear. So, right now I’d say that’s where I am: streetwear meets grunge meets androgynous af.

What will you be wearing at Dinah?

Very little. 😉

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